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  • brand: Senana Marina/Se Nana
  • Whether to import: no
  • Brand type: Boutique domestic products
  • Commodity barcode: 6941349312802
  • Applicable skin: Universal
  • Item No.: NO.SNN12598 NO.ZX18043 NO.ZX18067 NO.ZX18050
  • Specification: Normal specifications
  • Special purpose cosmetics: no
  • Production license number: Cantonese makeup 20170506
  • Shelf life: Three years
  • net weight: 2ml*7 sticks (g/ml)
  • Main downstream platforms: ebay, amazon, wish, aliexpress
  • Main sales area: Southeast Asia
  • Have licensable own brand: Yes
  • Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export: Yes
  • Non-special cosmetics record certificate number: Guangdong G makeup network preparation word 2019016626
  • Origin: Guangzhou
  • Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid
  • Product form: Liquid
  • Product specifications: Senana Niacinamide Small Ampoule Essence 7pcs/box, Levoscent Oligopeptide Essence/2ml*7pcs,Left Cigarette Amide Essence/2ml*7pcs,Left Fragrant Hyaluronic Acid Essence/2ml*7pcs, ZOZU Nerve Amide essence 2ml×7
  • Cosmetic efficacy: Moisturize, control oil, shrink pores, brighten skin tone, and moisturize
  • model: NO.YLY18883 NO.ZOZU18876 NO.DSY13314
  • Ingredients: other
  • Additional information

    Product specifications

    Sernana Niacinamide Small Ampoule Essence 7pcs/box, Levoxiang Oligopeptide Essence/2ml*7


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