Children’s sitting posture orthosis for students writing anti-myopia orthosis correction sitting posture vision protector-Alibaba



  • brand: Cat Prince
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Item No.: M8049
  • Specification: Color boxed
  • model: Seated Guard 3M
  • colour: Seated Guardian 3M-Athens Blue-, Seated Guardian 3M-Light Scarlet Pink-, 3M Bracket-Athens Blue + Cat Reading Stand (Sophie Blue), 3M Bracket-Light Scarlet Pink + Cat Reading Stand (Sakura Lemon Powder), (3M orthosis Athens blue + full-stage pen holder Athens blue) two-piece set, (3M orthosis light pink + full-stage pen holder light pink) two-piece set, upgrade (desktop model) Athens blue, upgrade ( Desktop models) light red powder, card table models-Athens blue, card table models-light red powder, desktop models-Athens blue, desktop models-light red powder, whale card table models-Athens blue, whale card table models-light red Pink, whale desktop model-Athens blue, whale desktop model-light pink powder, Seated Guardian 3E (card table eye protection model) Athens blue, Seated Guardian 3E (card table eye protection model) light scarlet pink, desktop eye protection model-Athens Blue, desktop eye protection-light pink
  • Main downstream platforms: ebay, amazon, wish, aliexpress
  • Main sales area: Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia
  • Have licensable own brand: Yes
  • Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export: Yes
  • Is it a gift?: Yes, business gifts
  • Gift purpose: Points redemption gifts, business gifts, advertising gifts, promotional gifts, conference gifts, welfare gifts, festive gifts, awards and souvenirs, public relations gifts
  • Whether IP authorization: no
  • Product Category: Sitting orthosis

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Seated Guard 3M-Athens Blue-, Seated Guard 3M-Light Fei Powder-, 3M Orthodontics-Athens Blue + Cat Reading Stand (, 3M Corrector-Light Fei Powder + Cat Reading Frame, (3M orthosis Athens blue + full-stage pen holder, (3M Corrector Light Fei Powder + Full-Order Pen H, Upgrade (desktop model) Athens Blue, Upgrade (Desktop Model) Light Fei Fan, Card Table-Athens Blue, Card table type-light red powder, Desktop Model-Athens Blue, Desktop Model-Light Fei Fen, Whale Card Table-Athens Blue, Whale Card Table-Light Fei Fen, Whale Desktop Model-Athens Blue, Whale Desktop Model-Light Fei Fen, Seated Guardian 3E (Card Table Eye Protection) At, Seated Guardian 3E (card table eye protection) li, Desktop Eye Protection-Athens Blue, Desktop Eye Protection-Light Fei Powder


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